Building Cultures of Sustainability

Green Culture Lab helps companies and organizations to embed sustainability in the very core of their DNA. Because sustainability is about culture.

Sustainability is not only a technological and a business challenge, it also requires a mindshift, behavioral change and cultural change. With insights and tools derived from the corporate anthropology, Green Culture Lab helps companies and organisation in building cultures of sustainability.

In order to build a organisation with sustainability in its DNA, we need to change the default behaviour. We need to change the habits that are so perfectly logical to a group of people that it has become part of the culture. We need to change the unwritten rules.

Embedding sustainability into the DNA of an organization is about building culture. 

Latest blog · Melting ice - melting society

14 June 2013 ― Climate change, world politics, oil exploration, huge social challenges and an overcharged ecosystem. Join us in trying to understand the Greenlandic system. A country, vast in terms of land area, tiny in terms of population numbers. The cumulative effect of these trends makes Greenland an example for global sustainability challenges.

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The sustainability revolution is in essence a revolution of culture ― Michiel Schwarz